Write a Paragraph on The Multi Purpose of Padma Bridge 

Paragraph The Padma Bridge


The Padma Multi - purpose Bridge is the longest and most expensive construction over the mighty River Padma . It has connected the capital with 21 southern districts of Bangladesh . It is 6.15 kilometres long and 18.18 metres wide . It has 41 spans on 42 pillars . The cost of the mega project is Tk . 30,193.39 crore . After allegation of corruption conspiracy , the donor agencies including the World Bank cancelled the credit agreement . Then the Bangladesh's Prime Minister opted for self funding from the domestic sources . The bridge has increased connectivity beyond the boundary . It It has opened up huge possibilities in the tourism sectors in Bangladesh . Traders can take their goods directly to the capital . They can make profit by supplying their fresh products to the buyers . The bridge has cut the travel time between Dhaka and Mongla Port . It will reduce overall poverty and contribute to industrial development , regional trade , agricultural inauguration of the Padma Bridge by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on vehicles cross it in the first 8 hours . A total of 24000 vehicles cross the Padma Bridge every day . The bridge has ensured the increase of GDP growth rate by more than 1 % . Due to poor connectivity , economic operation in the south - western zone have not been too easy . Consequently , the districts did not seize much industrialization . As a result , poverty and unemployment constitute major problem in this region . However , the Padma Bridge will offer many advantages to the region . It will unveil the door of opportunity for industrialization which will remove unemployment problem .

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Write a paragraph on The Padma Bridge 

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