Dengue Fever 

Dengue is a serious viral fever caused by a kind of mosquito . An African female mosquito named Aedes Agypti carries the germ of this disease and spreads it rapidly among people . It lays eggs in stagnant water at any place . There are two types of dengue fever - Classical and Hemorrhagic . Dengue virus has four stereotypes . They are DEN - 1 , DEN - 2 , DEN - 3 and DEN - 4 . Any of them can serious cause dengue fever . 

But DEN - 2 and DEN - 3 are too much dangerous . These two stereotypes are responsible for most Hemorrhagic dengue fever . Classical dengue fever is not so serious as Hemorrhagic one . The symptoms of classical dengue fever include high fever , vomiting . stomach - pain , excess headache , pain at joint of bones , waist and backside of eyes . Sometimes . bone - pain becomes so acute that it seems to be breaking of bone . So , it is called Break bone fever . Anyone recovers from it within 3/4 days . Sometimes , the patient feels weak and averse . But Hemorrhagic dengue fever often causes death of patients . The symptoms of classical dengue fever become extreme in this case . Bleeding continues with these symptoms . Specially bleeding comes from gum and nose . 

Congealed blood and reddish circle are seen under skin . It causes blood vomit . Congealed blood in white portion of eyes is found . Black blood goes with stool . Internalblood can afflict brain and heart . It causes ' hypovomunic shock ' which may cause patients ' death . However , dengue fever is not an infectious disease . Still effective treatment has not come out . Actually , prevention is better than cure ' is perfect in dengue fever . The only way is to control and destroy Aedes mosquito . To do so , we should keep our surroundings neat and clean and free from stagriant water


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